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This article is part of a university project, where a small working group of students worked on a business idea within the scope of the module IT Venture Design. We created an MVP, a Website with the main features to try out this idea. For the realization, we used the CMS (Content-Management-System) WordPress, which is written in PHP. Both are open-source projects, but how secure is open-source software compared to proprietary software, where the source code isn’t available online for everybody to inspect?

According to W3Techs WordPress took the lead in market share, which sums up to a total of…

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The motive of leadership is woven into the very fabric of human society. In both history and fiction, there are countless examples of individuals taking on the mantle and inspiring others to work towards a common goal: whether it’s religious texts such as the Bible with Moses quite literally leading his people across the Red Sea or the various factions in HBO’s TV hit “Game of Thrones” vying for people’s support in a never-ending struggle for the crown, the need for a guiding figure is a recurring theme in stories about human activity. Reality has produced equally fascinating leaders throughout…

Joint work with Tim Cruse

An outstanding software architecture does not develop by itself, but rather good architecture management is needed. Especially if you are working on large projects, you will need to have set up a good software architecture management process. This includes on the one hand a competent software architect and project manager and on the other hand a well-designed project plan and good structures in the organization itself. In the following, we will try to determine, which skills a perfect software architect needs, what the most important parts of the project planning are, which structures need to…

Johannes Peretzke

Business Management Information Systems Student at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

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